Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Engaging Real People

Last Friday, as you may or may not have heard, we had our first Google+ Hangout with the team. It was, I feel, a success. Google+ says 14 people showed up—2 of those are us, and there were some people who were confused when they showed up and clearly were just joining random Hangouts. Which is cool, we had fun. We talked about the next version of 2cloud, I demoed it a little bit, we talked about monetisation and about the subscription plan (I realise I have not blogged about the subscription plan yet; I will, I promise). We even had one visitor to the Hangout who had never heard of 2cloud and became a user while talking to us. That was really cool.

It was really great to meet all of you. I was talking with Tino after the event, and I asked how he thought it went. This is what he said:

Our service depends on engaging real people, and I'm happy to be a part of our work because that is precisely what we do. And yesterday's hangout is a wonderful example of that. These people, whose only connection to us is software, gave up their time (which we know is the most valuable resource there is) just to meet with and talk to us about the software they enjoy. That is an amazing thing.

It really is an amazing thing. Thanks for setting aside some time to meet with us and chat. We had a Hangout for about 3 hours, and it was an absolute blast. We hope to do one again real soon.

As a closing note, I know I haven't updated this blog since (*cringe*) early September. We've been really busy getting Bessie ready, and haven't had much time to blog. We'll be updating shortly with some information on the subscription model and the next update. We'll also be doing a (*cringe*) mass email when we can't put it off any longer to tell everyone about the new version and the subscription model. We'll keep it short and it won't be until late January, so don't worry too much about it.

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  1. Thats great that 12 people showed up on your meeting. I didn't knew about it or I would have loved to join it. By the way keep on encouraging people and your circle will surely expand soon.