Monday, August 22, 2011

Development Cycles

I don't know how many of you have noticed this, but we tend to go through development cycles with this project. We release an update, there's a flurry of activity as we polish it and fix any lingering issues, and then... silence. We don't issue updates until the next large iteration.

This isn't something I'm proud of, or something I'd like to continue, but I'm afraid it has to be the case. I'm still doing the majority of software writing for this project, and I'm still a student working a few jobs to pay the bills. I still can only engage this project in my "free time", such as it is. That means that the development pushes tend to be around when I can clear out some time in my schedule to knuckle down and focus on this project. We're in one of those times now (summer is awesome, isn't it?).

The impetus for writing this post was because we're coming to the end of this little push. I'll be fixing up the major issues that remain (things that prevent people from using the app), but minor inconveniences may or may not get done. A week from today, I start classes at my college again, and those will be taking up a good portion of my time. Development will continue, but it will be slow, and updates won't be as frequent.

I'd love to say this is a temporary problem, but the future is uncertain. When I graduate, I'll need to take a look at my financial situation and see what my options are. If I can, I'd like to continue writing software. I'd like to be able to devote myself to this every single day. I doubt that's going to be the case (this project is still in the red in terms of money) but it's nice to dream. If I can't do this full-time (which, really, is absurdly unlikely), I'll probably have to continue this cycle.

All I know is that the project has grown in leaps and bounds since last year. I'd like to see similar growth this year. I'm going to work hard on it whenever I can, and hopefully I can get it to the point where other people will start working on it, too.

Thanks for your support over the last year, and I hope you'll stick with us as we stumble our way through this one.

Paddy Foran
2cloud Lead Developer


  1. Hey Paddy, thank you for the update. I understand what you are saying and if I could I would gladly fund a large portion of your budget. Out of curiosity what are the yearly costs for android2cloud?

  2. Hi Mark,

    You can see our projects finances online, here: We haven't settled on a policy for updating that just yet. It may not update again, or we may update again soon. We'll be sure to announce when it's up to date, and it's timestamped so you know how out of date it is.

    It's hard to say what the yearly costs are, currently. We just updated our server software (which is our main cost), but we estimate that's about $400 a year, give or take. Keep in mind, App Engine will be changing their pricing structure in the future ( and we still expect a surge of use (more details coming), so these are really seat-of-the-pants calculations that could change for no real reason.

    Whatever happens, we'll do our best to keep everyone informed and involved. :) I'm hoping at some point to get some free time to work on projects that would make our sponsoring company profitable enough for me to work for them as a full-time employee, something that 2cloud would benefit from.

    Thanks for the comment and support.

  3. Wow, those numbers made my eyes bleed a little and I didn't look at them for long. You must be going blind poor thing, lol jk.

    I just received your *hand written* thank you letter for a recent donation. Paddy that was one of the kindest gestures/letters I have ever received. As busy as you are and as dedicated, I couldn't help but to try and contribute. I understand so little of what you do, so I can't help much beyond saying what I'm experiencing with the app. I'm glad that that helped. Thank you for your patience and kindness, I will always remember with fondness our late night adventure debugging android2cloud. I'm so proud of you and your efforts. Keep up the good fight and the best of luck with your studies. ;)

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