Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We've Been Acquired

It was actually months ago, and nobody even noticed (as far as I know).

The 2cloud Project is proud to have been acquired by Second Bit, LLC. This is an overly-formal and mildly ridiculous way to fold the project into the company that my partner and I established in December.

What does this mean?

In practical terms, nothing, really. It means (most importantly) if you want to sue the project, you are suing a company and cannot take my house. I was pretty pumped about that. It means that the company is paying for the server, so it's separated from my finances. Even that's not much of a change though, because the company gets its money from freelance work I do. The most noticeable change you'll see is that Tino Galizio, the CFO and manager for Second Bit, will join the 2cloud Project team as an advisor, responding to support requests and joining discussions about the project's future with the rest of the team.

What won't change is our commitment to free, open source software. We won't be installing ads, we won't suddenly start charging you for it. We're even keeping the 2cloud Project team separate from Second Bit-- Dylan is not an employee of ours (though he does work with us now and then), but he'll remain our lead UX designer.

When did this happen?

You may or may not have noticed that the extension and install pages sported a Second Bit link in the footer from January 1st on. The Second Bit acquisition of the project was supposed to be announced on the first. Due to my inability to get a Second Bit website up in time, it was delayed until a future date. Three months passed as I worked to get the 2cloud Project website online, patch problems in the Chrome extension, and complete client work, but we finally got our website up late last week. We're pretty proud of it. Technically, since January 1st, android2cloud (and then the 2cloud Project) has been a Second Bit product. We just didn't say much about it.

What is Second Bit?

Second Bit, LLC is a software development and consultation company. We write software for clients, write software products on our own volition (like the 2cloud Project), and help advise people on software when necessary. You can see the about page to get more information on the company.

What about donations?

Donations, from this point forward, will be paid to the Second Bit account, not to me personally. This is only fair, as Second Bit is springing for the server (which is still not covered by donations). I, personally, appreciate every donation made to the company, and would prefer the donations go to the company instead of me, personally. Also, if you'd like to donate to the project, hiring the company is a great way to supply money for the project while getting a tangible return. Just saying.

Thanks for all your support, everyone. Feel free to take to the help forums to ask any questions about the acquisition that haven't been answered here. Just post them in the questions forum (not the problems or suggestions forum) please.

Paddy Foran
The 2cloud Project Lead Developer


  1. i am sure that you and your partner are going to do something about it you both seem to have good heads over your shoulders. keep us updated if anything more happens

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