Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Show Us Some Love, Google

Wow, 4 days, 4 posts. We're really pushing with this, aren't we?

Google Summer of Code 2011 has started accepting applications for mentoring organisations. For those of you who don't know what GSoC is, it's a program Google runs for open source organisations and students in college. The program strives to let students 'flip bits not burgers' by paying accepted students $5,000 to work for a summer on a project for an open source organisation. Google also donates $500 to the organisation itself, as the organisation is expected to mentor the students.

Normally, larger organisations end up being mentors for GSoC, but (perhaps with some hubris), I'm submitting android2cloud as a mentoring organisation for the 2011 GSoC. I've spoken with two Google engineers, and they've agreed to serve as references for the project, and haven't told me I'm crazy, so I remain optimistically skeptical about our chances of being accepted. Certainly the community-focused work we've been doing can't hurt.

Part of the GSoC Mentoring Organisation application requires a list of suggested project ideas. Our team certainly has some of those, but this is an open source application. We believe you guys drive and define android2cloud, not some elitist team. So we've opened a wiki page, here. Take a look at the instructions, log in, and add your ideas. Who knows? Even if Google doesn't select them, we may get them done over the summer.

And if any of you out there are college students with Python, Java, and/or Javascript proficiency, we'd love an application from you, should we be accepted.

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