Monday, March 14, 2011

Say Hello to the 2cloud Project

Since July 12, 2010, we've had the same name and the same terrible, stitched-together-by-a-developer-with-no-design-sense icon. Both were pretty limited in that they only applied to Android. With a focus on expanding to other platforms and becoming a bit more device-agnostic setting the pace for the future, the team got together and decided that a rebranding effort was in order.

So, I'd like to introduce the 2cloud Project.

The 2cloud Project is the new umbrella project that software with the capabilities that android2cloud has will be launched under. The Chrome extension has been renamed 2cloud for Chrome or the Chrome client for the 2cloud Project, whichever you prefer. :) android2cloud will remain android2cloud.

First, I'd like to thank Dylan Staley. Not only did he volunteer to make our icon pretty (and really, the icons he came up with are gorgeous), he also came up with a killer new tagline for the project: Tap. Share. Anywhere.

Second, I'd like to welcome Dylan to the 2cloud Project team. He graciously agreed to take on a permanent post as our designer and UX expert. His next project will be tackling our mobile and/or Chrome interfaces, whenever he gets the time to do so. I'm pretty pumped about that.

Third, I'd like to announce our web presence. We've owned for forever, but we've finally put some content up for it now. Likewise, we've purchased and launched Both sites have some pretty good information on them, so I encourage checking them out. Our designs were created by the talented Eternity. For her efforts, we've included her in our sponsors list.

Fourth, I'd like to announce that we're on Convore. If you'd like to chat about the project, head on over to our Convore room and chat us up. We'll try to make a habit of being in there to answer questions and talk with you guys.

And now, some questions I think you'll have.

What exactly is changing?

Nothing. Everything. Basically, a lot of names and icons, and not a whole lot else. We've launched a @2cloudproject Twitter account, but the @android2cloud account will remain. @2cloudproject will post news relevant to the entire project, while @android2cloud will be exclusively for the Android client. So yes, there will be very little difference between them right now.

We're also changing our mailing lists, and adding two more. As a reminder, we've had the discussion list and the beta list. Here's the new layout:

  • 2cloud: A discussion list for the project as a whole.
  • 2cloud-announce: A mailing list for just announcements. Only our project members will be able to start topics in this list, and it will only be used for announcing new platforms, server downtime, policy changes, the like. This is the android2cloud mailing list, renamed; so if you were registered to the old one, you're registered on this one.
  • 2cloud-beta: A mailing list for beta testers. This is the android2cloud-beta mailing list renamed, so everyone is still registered. Very little is changing about how this list functions.
  • 2cloud-dev: A brand new mailing list, this will serve as a discussion forum and congregating place for developers on the project. If you want to build your own client or server implementation, would like to contribute to our client or server implementations, or would just like to find out more about the source code and technologies behind our platform, this is the list for you.
What about the blog?

We still haven't come to a decision on that. One idea was to move this entire blog to, rebrand it as the 2cloud Project blog, and call it a day. Another idea was starting a separate blog and maintaining both, or letting this one die. For now, we're just going to leave the blog as it is. We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments, on Twitter, or in the 2cloud mailing list, however.

The help site is missing!?

No, the help site is ok. It just moved to We'll be setting up a redirect for shortly, to help anyone who has gotten confused.

I don't like the new name/the new icon. Will you change it back?

No. But we have no objection to you doing so. We are open source. Just dig through our repositories, and you can build a de-re-branded application for whatever platform you like.

We're pretty excited about this. We hope you guys are, too. Let us know in the comments if we missed any questions, and we'll do our best to answer them.

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  1. This is great news :D

    Congrats, Paddy! In my opinion, this is a huge step for the project.

    I'm really excited for all the upcoming features and versions of 2cloud. I can imagine it sooo vividly.

    The new logo is simply awesome. Thanks, Dylan.

    Checking out ... HOLY CRAP! Fabulous!

    My sincere gratitude to Eternity.

    The project is much richer :)

    A votre sante