Thursday, February 17, 2011

Proof Is In The Pudding

I talk about how awesome the android2cloud users are, like, all the time. Because really, you guys are. But people may think it's idle flattery. So I thought I'd just take a moment and prove it, because this blew my mind last night.

Nine hours ago, Nick Asmar (@nickerrides) asked "no, seriously why isnt there phone to chrome yet??"

Shortly thereafter, Chris Chavez (@gamercore) retweeted the question.

Within the hour, Neil Lund (@neillund) replied "@Nickerrides This does that Android2Cloud"

Eight hours ago, Jake Sibley (@disbj4ke) chimed in "@Nickerrides @GamerCore there is it's in the market as android2cloud"

Shortly thereafter, Android Shug-ar (@android_shug24) added his two cents: "@Nickerrides there is.. check out android2cloud"

Seven hours ago, The Twitterer Known As B (@southeastbeast) made an appearance: "@Nickerrides @gamercore they already have it. Google phone to chrome. Think it's called android2cloud"

Not to be left out, Liam (@falmc) brought up the tail-end with "@Nickerrides android2cloud app. Not a Google app but does what you want."

I love you guys.


  1. Neil here....This is exactly why I love the android community. Everyone shares what they know quickly and freely. It's great to be apart of it! Thank you for all your hard work on Android2Cloud I know tens of thousands of people are enjoying your app daily :)

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