Sunday, February 27, 2011

2.0.4 (Sort of)

A lot of people have been having issues recently with links opening ad-nauseum. I just wrote a quick patch, being dubbed "2.0.4", for the Chrome extension and server, but it's going to be released in a little bit of a different manner.

I don't want to push out untested software again, but people having links opening constantly is annoying and a terrible experience. So I'm trying to get the best of both worlds: not pushing live software that hasn't been tested (not breaking more stuff for people who have android2cloud working) and getting a fix out fast for people.

To that end, I'm making this beta a public beta. You can download the extension from here, and the software is running live on the android2cloud and android2cloud-test servers. 2.0.4 and 2.0.3 both will work at the same time. Next Sunday, I'll update the extension in the Web Store if everything seems to be going well.

For those of you running your own server instances, you will need to update your servers with the new software. You can do that with the source, found in zip file format here.

Sorry for all the issues lately, guys. Working hard to get them resolved as fast as I can.


  1. No new APK is needed for this release.

    Android will probably not get an update until 2.1 lands. Which, God willing, will be the next release. >.<

  2. Had the reopening issue for quite some time, but with this update it's gone. Thanks a lot! :)

  3. Hey Paddy, first, you never need to apologize for free software. Ever. IMHO.

    Second, your fix seems to have worked. I thought it was still broken -- a bunch of links did re-open right after installing the new extension, but it hasn't happened since then.

    Last, by "2.0.4 and 2.0.3 both will work at the same time", did you mean I can can have both extensions installed? I uninstalled my 2.0.3.

  4. I dislike inconveniencing people, and opening tabs constantly is an inconvenience, in my mind. :)

    As for the links opening, yes, they should open *once* after the new install, but only once. After that, they're marked as read, and you shouldn't see them again.

    To answer your question, no, you should only have one version running at a time. However, the server update doesn't *break* 2.0.3, so users who aren't experiencing the issue don't need to update to the beta.

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