Monday, February 21, 2011

2.0.3 Landing

Just a quick update: the 2.0.3 Chrome extension has been pushed live in the Chrome Webstore. If you downloaded the extension through that (recommended) then it should automatically update for you. Otherwise, you can get the download off the project page.

2.0.3 is just a couple (necessary) bugfixes. It should fix the issue with links not getting marked as read, and should fix the issue with links not arriving at all. Sorry for the delay in this one, guys and girls.

I'll be focusing on my other commitments for about a week, but I have a pretty big update planned (2.1, maybe?) that will give us a unified API, server code that's readable, and hopefully readable Chrome and Android code. Expect it in a few weeks-- the server portion is already written. :) Just need to work with Chrome and Android, and can't start that until I finish one of my other commitments.

As always, feel free to post in the help forums if you're experiencing issues. We'll do our best to get them taken care of.